Master Procastinator and Diving Penguins

For Christmas I made neckties for both my brother and boyfriend.  As far as I was concerned they were finished when I wrapped them up.  I was subsequently informed however, that ties are essentially useless unless they have that little loop thing that holds the back of the tie in place underneath the front of the tie.  Since we were up visiting my brother and parents and leaving in a couple days I was kind enough to add that little loop to my brother’s before we left.   I told the bf I would add it on his when we got home.

It’s now…March.  This thing had been hanging on my rack of in-progress-projects since the end of December.  But yesterday after promising to hem some pants for him and sew some missing buttons on a shirt, I was on a hand-sewing roll,  so I decided it would be the perfect time to finish that little f-er off (the tie that is, not the boyfriend).  So without further ado… drum roll… the Purl Bee Father’s Day Tie Christmas in March Tie!


Although those may look like flying dolphins, they’re actually smug little penguins.

and THIS is the suspect loop:


So small yet capable of holding the entire project up for months.


I used this pattern from the Purl Bee: which was free and pretty straight forward to follow.  The only bummer about this tie is that the interfacing I used was a little thick and so the tie doesn’t hang that well, it’s too stiff.  I had also wanted to cut the tie on the grain so the penguins would be upright, but after reading a bunch about neckties I learned that it’s important to cut them on the bias so the tie can knot and hang right.  So they became diving penguins. The lucky-duck boyfriend also got a pretty slick pair of pyjama bottoms out of this same amazing penguin fabric from Piedmont Fabrics.  Maybe I’ll get  him liquored up one day and have him model the combo…