Knitting for Boys

Here are the pair of fingerless gloves I’m working on for the bf.  It’s been crazy cold here in Oak-town and I feel bad that’s he’s riding around in the really holey pair I made for him years ago.  So, I’m putting MY knitting projects on hold to do something nice for someone else.  Look at me go!  I let him choose the colors then immediately regretted having asked him.  I tried to dissuade him by reminding him these are probably the colors of numerous sports teams (and trust me, he’s not a sports fan), but… nuthin’ doin’,  blue and orange it is.


It’s okay, it’s what he wants.  Get over it Jessica.

This is my first time doing actual um, finger tubes, shall we call them?  We’ll see how it turns out.  I’m vaguely following this pattern I found on Ravelry: Men’s Fingerless Gloves

I’m pretty much planning on making 3 gloves, assuming this 1st one isn’t gonna really be wearable, but I’ll then know what not to do for the next ones.  And then he’ll also have a janky back-up glove in case he loses one of the wearable ones!


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